" You need a GingerTechie
Because oddly-shaped proBlems
need oddly-shAped soluTioNs "
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I'm passionate about solving problems like these.

Software Vendors

Are you getting the most from your vendors? Not likely. After over two decades as a vendor, I know all their tricks.

Product Iteration

You idea is your idea.
My job is to turn your product lifecycle up to eleven and enable rapid product evolution.

Unlock Potential

You've hired the best team and given them the best toys. Somehow, they're not performing as you expected. I unleash the capability in your teams.


What the hell am I up to? Glad you asked.

Fintech Map

Ireland's Fintech Ecosystem


The Agile antivirus



Agile Lean Ireland



Head of Product


Connecting Fintech Communities

The Team From Planet9

We came. We saw.
We got canned.

Electricity Data


Opening up Electricity Data for Great Britain


What is an Irish Fintech Company anyway?

Glad you asked. Let's define it.

A company founded on the island of Ireland.

A company with at least one "generally available" product - no "beta" or "coming soon".

A company that provides financial services solutions.

A company whose product or service relies on proprietary software.

About Me

I am a Ginger Techie.

Dave Anderson

CEO, Ginger Software Development Services